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Short weekend sailing and enjoying

Short weekend sailing trip

  • Two-day sailing trip
  • Breakfast buffet
  • Lunch buffet
  • BBQ bufffet
  • Multi-day sailing trip

  • Fully cared for


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a small summary

In short

Boarding on Saturday morning but you can still use your Friday evening for other stuff. That is the short weekend sailing-trip in nutshell. Two full days on the water and only one evening away from home. Of course this short trip is also fully catered with food and drinks.

Twee dagen zeilen en genieten

Content Short Weekend Sailing Trip


  • Two day sailing-trip
  • An overnight stay in one of the beautiful places around the Ijsselmeer
  • Two times Coffee with pastries or premium biscuit
  • Luxurious lunch with home-made soup, sandwiches, salades and fresh fruit
  • Various hot and cold snacks
  • BBQ buffet
  • Ontbijtbuffet
  • Lunch buffet
  • Free use of the national bar

what to expect

Trip description


Around ten o’clock we will receive you on board with coffee and pastry. Once everybody has boarded we will cast off and we head for the Markermeer. Along the way the skipper holds a welcome chat. Soon the sailor takes over and organize together with you the ship. Together, the sails are hoisted and the engine is cut off. The wind will move the ship forward now. Gouwzee gently glides over the water. Around noon, you can smell it. from the galley eminates the smell of freshly made soup. The cook made a delicious lunch for you. With delicious sandwiches, homemade soup and salad. You can eat inside at the table, but better still is it to take your plate outside. Having lunch with this view is priceless.

In course of the afternoon we will dock. This time in one of the most beautiful towns surrounding the IJsselmeer. For example, Hoorn or Enkhuizen. In the course of the afternoon several homemade hot and cold appetizers will be provided. Which apetizers is depended on season and availability. But classics with us include the fried shrimp and marinated chickenwings.

When you return ashore we have prepared a delicious BBQ tasting. With eight kinds of meat, fish, prawns and vegetarian delicasies from the BBQ. There are at least four kinds of salad, various sauces and breads. As a warm-up, we have a cup of beef broth and we close the BBQ with fresh fruit with whipped cream. The evening can be spent on board or ashore.


On Sunday, you awake to the smell of fresh croissants. For the early birds, we have a cup of coffee or tea ready to serve. We enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet. Around ten o’clock we leave port and heade back towards Monnickendam. Along the way we have another coffee or tea with pastry or luxury cake.

We will enjoy sailing as long as possible. We serve lunch a little later after lowering the sails and before you to go home. this will ensure that nobody will go home with an empty stomach.

Around half past four we put come back ashore after a short weekend sailing and enjoying.

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