• Musseltour sailing on the Gouwzee

from: € 79 p.p.

Only held in the mussel months

Mussel tour

  • 4 Hours of sailing
  • Herring on rye
  • A delicious mussel dinner
  • Free use of the national bar
  • Half day trip

  • Mussel dinner included


Tel: +31 299 406 886

E-mail: info@gouwzee.eu

a small summary

In short

Zeg ken jij de mosselman, de mosselman? Hij woont in Scheveningen. With a captain from the Hague the mussel tour should be an absolute success. Sailing a delicious meal with mussels en some lovely drinks. For the people who do not like mussels we can serve alternatives. The mussel tour can only be held in the mussel months.

Sailing and eating mussels

Content Mussel tour


  • 4 Hours of sailing
  • Reception on board with herring on rye with a glass of nobel
  • A delicious mussel dinner
  • Free use of the national bar

what to expect

Trip description

You will be welcomed aboard with herring on rye bread and a glass of nobel, in this Ameland specialty fish swims best in our experience. when everyone is on board we cast off and set sail to the IJsselmeer. The sailor explains how we raise the sails. Together we raise the sails and the engine will turn off. The Gouwzee glides across the water. Let the elements do their job. Now we serve a delicious mussel meal for you. After dinner, we have a dessert.

We track the Gouwzee. we go back to Monnickendam again. The sails are lowered and tidied. After four hours we dock and a beautiful sailing trip has ended.

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