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Sailing and enjoying

Day trip All Inclusive

  • Sailing-trip from 10:00 until 19:00
  • Reception with coffee, tea and pastry
  • Luxury lunch
  • BBQ tasting
  • Daytrip

  • Fully cared for


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E-mail: info@gouwzee.eu

a small summary

In short

This is the favorite amongst our visitors, a whole day of sailing and enjoying ending with the BBQ tasting. This is a day as a day is meant. We will go sailing and have fun. We will visit one of the most beautiful towns around the Markermeer and have several delicious meals and appetizers in store for you.

Sailing, luxurious Lunch and BBQ tasting

Content Daytrip All Inclusive


  • Sailing-trip from 10:00 until 19:00
  • Reception with coffee, tea and pastry
  • Luxury lunch with home made soup, various sandwiches, salads and fresh fruit
  • Various, mainly homemade, hot and cold appetizers. Amongst them, chicken wings cooked shrimp and fried snacks
  • BBQ tasting with 8 kinds of meat, various kinds of fish, prawns, 4 kinds of salad, sauces and various bread. As a starter, we serve you a beef broth and dessert is fresh fruit with whipped cream
  • Coffee and tea with sweets
  • Free use of the national bar

what to expect

Trip description

Around 10 you will come aboard. We make sure that coffee and tea is already prepared. We offer you some pastry. Once everyone is on board we cast off and head to the Ijsselmeer. After a short welcome by the captain and sailor, we unpack the sails. Together we hoist them high, now we can turn off the engine and we can enjoy the quite and tranquility on the water.

When noon approaches the galley will start to eminate the scent of freshly made soup. Sandwiches are served. We provide sandwiches with roast beef, salmon, pulled pork. We also serve a salad and a bowl of fresh fruit. Of course, lunch is served with milk, buttermilk, orange juice, water, coffee and tea.

After lunch we dock in one of the prettiest towns on the Markermeer, this can be Volendam, Marken or Hoorn. Here you can stretch your legs. When you return on board you will be greeted with various hot and cold appetizers. The bar is now also open.

We sail back to Monnickendam. Just before we enter the harbor we find a sheltered location to drop anchor. We light the BBQ and we enjoy a delicious BBQ tasting. We have an extensive selection of different meats and fish. People who only eat a little can also taste the various things because we slice up the meat in a small portion.

After the BBQ we raise anchor and under the enjoyment of a cup of coffee or tea, we head back to Monnickendam. We will dock here at seven o’clock.

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