Sailing packages

With our customers in our mind we have created a few packages. These completely catered sailing trips will offer you all that is needed for sailing and enjoying on board of  the Gouwzee. With our years of experience we have a clear picture of what is needed to make a multiple day sailing trip one to remember.

If there are any additions that are not mentioned but you would like us to include, please let us know. It it your sailing-trip and because we exclusively go on a trip with only your party we are in the position to adjust to you personal desires.

  • Tagestour all inclusive
    Daytrip all inclusive

    All-inclusive day trip. Sailing and enjoy

  • Tagestour Segeln IJsselmeer
    Day-trip sailing

    Sailing one day and enjoy. Delicious food and a nice sail. Without tasting BBQ

  • Abend Segeltörn
    Evening cruise all inclusive

    sailing an entire evening and enjoy. Begin with a BBQ and then sailing in the evening

  • Nachmittag segeln IJsselmeer
    Afternoon sailing trip

    A wonderful sailing trip of five hours. Enclosed with BBQ tasting

  • Muschelfahrt zeilklipper Gouwzee
    Mussel tour

    Sailing and eat mussels

  • Wochenende Segeln
    Weekend sailing-trip

    A whole weekend completely cared for and enjoy sailing. With delicious meals and two full days of sailing

  • Kurzwochenende Segeln
    Short weekend sailing

    Short weekend sailing and enjoy. Two days of sailing and the evening a delicious BBQ buffet

  • Zeilen en koken met Robert Siedenburg
    Sailing with a private chef

    Robert Siedenburg cooks for you the stars from the sky

  • Familiefeest Gouwzee plezier voor vier gneraties
    Sunday Family-day

    Sunday family day. Fun for four generations.