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in the past


In 1907, the clipper Johannes was launched at the shipyard of the family Boot in Gouwsluis. The first owner was Mr. van Delft. Because the yard built the ship bigger then it was ordered Delft got a 600 guilders refund from the purchase price. This is because the rig was ordered elsewhere and was no longer befitting.

in the 1930s


The ship is equipped in the thirties with an engine and extended from the original 31 meters to 42 meters. The Gouwzee run until 1996 as a freighter. The ship nearly ceased to exist. In 1975, the ship would be demolished. It was waiting to be demolished when someone saw its beautiful lines and saved it.

Bakels bow thruster

Bow thuster

In the early eighties there a Bakels bow thruster has been build on to the ship. This bowthruster is driven by a DAF 615 by means of a right-angled gear transmission.

Remodelled to sail clipper

Sail Clipper

In 1996 the ship was bought from the cargo transport by two skipper couples from Monnickendammer. They have shortened the ship again to almost 35 meters. The former cargo hold now gives room to the ten cabins with room for up to 29 people as well as three showers, three toilets and a spacious day room, with a well equipped professional half open kitchen are located. As a nice detail, the wooden load floor is brought back as a floor inside the ship. This floor is made of azobe, a type of wood which is extremely tough what makes it difficult to craft.

Gouwzee sold again


Before the ship came into service one of the couples retreated and we took over the ship from the other couple in 2004.

Since then we have tried to make the ship, which was already in good shape, even more comfortable. We have also adapted many things to sail more sustainable. All lighting for instance is LED or CFL. Also, the showers and taps are water saving. This without losing comfort though.

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