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a logical combination

Team building while sailing

Teambuilding and sailing is actually a very logical combination. During raising and lowering the sails and other maneuvers we have to work together. In between there is enough time to talk to each other. One or more days sailing is always a boost for relations in your team.

all sorts of training


Gouwzee is a perfect location for all sorts of training. Whether it is to improve cooperation, training leadership or getting to know and form a new team. On Gouwzee we can strengthen that process. In consultation with your trainer or ours, we put together a program in which we clarify the different goals. Sailing is often a catalyst for what you want to achieve. You’ll see that what is learned during sailing is relatively easy to project to the goals of the training. And vice versa.

With or without a trainer
Do you have a specific goal in mind? Then we can also provide a trainer. Teambuilding during sailing is a very nice way to build a team and bond. Sailing is full of metaphors that can help in daily routine.

very experienced in sailing with groups of people

Experienced crew

The crew is very experienced in sailing with groups of people. In recent years especially with very diverse groups of adults. Every day we still enjoy how they become a part of experiencing sailing a large ship. That’s what it’s about and that has a magical effect on everything.

Sailing on Gouwzee is also culinary enjoyment. In our kitchen we cook the most delicious dishes. All freshly prepared. A cooking workshop is possible. We use fresh and preferably local products.

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