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Corporate relation events

Are you looking for a location for a successful relation event? Then you should definitely consider Gouwzee. It is a spacious and comfortable boat; the ideal opportunity for you to receive your work-relations. The spacious deck and large guest house make sure you can speak both plenary, in small groups or informally with your guests.

create a bond with each other

Sailing and working together

You create a bond with each other by hoisting sails together that in no other way can be done. Sailing connects people in a unique way. After hoisting the sails the wind does the job and you can talk to each other. Plenary or in small groups? Gouwzee have room for both. Meanwhile, you can eat a snack and drink. Everything is freshly prepared on board. That’s what sailing and enjoying is all about.

No extra cost charged

Gouwzee equipment

The Gouwzee is equipped with a beamer that can be used for presentation. No extra cost charged. For better visibility, it is possible to tweak the presentation of Gouwzee to your business. We can hang flags and banners and we can also arrange fun giveaways.

It is our goal during a relation sailing event to completely take care of everything. We do what we do best so you have time to do what you do best.

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