Sunday Family-day

Familiefeest Gouwzee plezier voor vier gneraties

Sunday family day. Fun for four generations.

Sunday Family-day

Of course, sunday family-day is also valid on the Gouwzee. Sailing with the family makes a stronger bond within the family. Hoisting the sails and still have plenty of time to catch up on family news. Sunday Family-day has a many options. Will you bring your own food and drink or would you like us to cater for the entire group?

Completely catered Family-day

We have created a few fully catered packages for your convenience. These will fit you family-day perfectly. These packages will take all the worries away from you, we will provide all food and drink. With a fixed price you will be completely taken care of for the entire day. In all our packages we cook the meals completely fresh on board, in addition to using fresh produce we also try to use as many local products as possible.

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Cooking together on family-day

On Sunday family-day you have the freedom to provide your own food and drinks. This will allow you to keep costs low, if desired we can provide drinks. These will be billed afterwards.

A benefit for providing for yourself is that it will enable you to keep costs down and you can cook a family favourite. A drawback that we have noticed in our years of doing this is that there is always a few people working very hard in the kitchen and these people will not get to experience the complete sailing experience and the family-day. So we urge you to consider all options to ensure that everyone has a fun day.

It is also possible to bring your own caterer, this is only possible for an added fee.