Day-trip sailing

Tagestour Segeln IJsselmeer

Sailing one day and enjoy. Delicious food and a nice sail. Without tasting BBQ

Day-trip sailing

Enjoying the sailing, enjoying the lovely food, but have dinner somewhere else? If that is the case this trip is exactly what you want. A whole day of sailing, visiting a town with nice food and drink, that is the day-trip sailing in short.


  • Sailing-trip from 10:00 till 17:00
  • Reception with coffee, tea, and apple pie with whipped cream
  • Luxury lunch with various sandwiches, homemade soup, salad and fresh fruit
  • Various homemade apetizers
  • Free use of the national bar

Trip description

Around ten o’clock you will be received aboard the Gouwzee with coffee, tea, and pastry. After a welcome by the captain, we cast off and head for the Ijsselmeer. The sailor will explain something about sailing and what we will be doing. Together with you the sails are raised and we feel how the ship is moved by the wind as it glides through the water once the engines are turned off.

When afternoon approaches we have prepared a delicious lunch. The smell of homemade vegetable soup comes your way. Inside there are various sandwiches already prepared. Amongst them sandwiches with salmon, roast beef and homemade pulled pork.

After lunch, we have the option of visiting one of the beautiful cities on the Markermeer. We can also continue sailing. During the afternoon you will be spoiled with various hot and cold appetizers. We then lower sails and once these are cleared away we dock in Monnickendam around 17:00.


Dinner is not included unfortunately sailing in day out. We can extend this to your liking with our delicious BBQ tasting or a warm or cold buffet. It’s your day. So you can say.